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Scoliosis is a medical condition where there is abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. Oftentimes it is diagnosed in adolescents. The curve is often either "S" shaped or "C" shaped. There are instances where the curvature remains stable, but there are also cases where the curve worsens significantly as the children grow. Children with mild scoliosis are closely monitored, usually with X-ray screenings, to observe if the curvature is increasing. 

Oftentimes scoliosis can be observed through uneven shoulder heights, or one shoulder blade that appears more prominent than others, an uneven waist, a hip that is higher than the other side, or one side of the ribcage that juts out more. At an adolescent or childhood stage, it is not necessarily associated with pain, although there are instances where there are complaints of chronic soreness on the shoulders and the lower back. Young persons with scoliosis are more at risk to develop chronic pain on the back as they develop into adulthood. 

The goal of scoliosis treatment is to stop the progression of the curve and reduce deformity, while improving the outward aesthetics of the back. A programme of physical exercises and condition can help to improve the posture and core strength. 

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