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On Your First Visit...

As some people may be unfamiliar with the process of seeing a chiropractor? Here we provide a brief outline of what happens on your very first visit to JT Chiropractic:

Step 1. Complete a Patient Profile


The more our doctors understand your condition the better they could help you. Inform our doctor of your current condition, medical history, postural and lifestyle habits will help them gain a better understanding of the nature and causes of your condition.

Step 2. Consultation


Our doctors will study your profile and consult you based on the information presented. Using a holistic approach, our doctor would spend some time understanding factors such as past injuries, postures, lifestyle habits that may be the underlying cause of your present condition and to treat the root cause of your problem.

Step 3. Examination


Our doctor will provide a detailed chiropractic examination to assess the quality of your spine, joints, muscles, and nervous system in relation to your present complaints. They will pay special attention to the potential hidden causes such as postural distortion, improper standing / sitting posture, scoliosis, impalanced weight distribution.

Step 4. Further Investigation and Report


If necessary, our doctors may recommend further investigation of tests or medical imagings to be done in other labs, which may take a day to process. When you return with the test results our doctor will carry out a full report of your condition.

Step 5. Treatment Plan


After the report findings, you are now ready for the treatment process. Your doctor will advise a plan of treatment that is specifically tailored to your condition. All treatments will be carried out by licenced doctors in a friendly and professional manner. Some conditions will require more than one visits, including the necessary follow-up and review sessions to monitor the progress of the condition. Therefore, please bring your diary along that we may best plan the treatments alongside with you.

Step 6. Pain, Conditioning, and Lifestyle Management


Oftentimes, the root of the problem may arise from the improper posture, poor ergonomics, and other lifestyle factors. Our doctors will designs stretches, ergonomic plans, and exercise patterns that address these underlying conditions. Thus it reduces not only the existing pain and condition, but treats the root problem too.

Step 7. Wellness Care


The goal of health care should not be the end of pain, but the beginning of bringing the body to optimal performance. Equipped with a thorough understanding of your history, our doctors are ready to provide dietary, lifestyle, and wellness modification in a holistic manner. We invite you to consult our doctors for plans to take your wellness to the next level.

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